It is good that he will be placed in a maximum security situation for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, because of our huge process in getting him to execution, he has yet another decade or so to live at taxpayers’ expense. We will see lawyers make their names in trying to get his sentence commuted to life, maybe even with the possibility of parole. Within the decade he has basically guaranteed to him, a lot could happen, and it is possible he will se the outside of the prison. Look at all the other things that are happening in our nation these days. I am not happy about it, but this monster could be released someday. I never thought Mansion would escape the death penalty in California for the Sharon Tate and related murders, but he will finish out his life there without any fear of execution. One reason he had not been paroled is that he laughs at the parole board each time and threatens the same types of activity if they let him out.