It wasn't the politics that was soft or hard. Your politicians claimed repeatedly that our border was soft, so our border agency got both more thorough and more rigid. It's the rigidity that you're complaining about. And that's how they were trained at the behest of american politicians. It was a result of negotiations between our governments, instigated by your politicians, not ours. It was a concession we made to you. How old are you? 25, maybe 30? I'm 50; i can remember when all they ever did was ask "anything to declare" and watch for vehicles they'd been alerted to. In response to demands from america, we changed their whole training regimen. You asked for it, you got it. The stupid part is what was being smuggled wasn't being smuggled through personal border security; it was far and away primarily going through container ports - and still is. But, that's what you wanted, and we try to be nice to you guys, so that's what you got.